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Supported Christian Missions

Missions and Missionaries World-Wide

The Church of the Servant King supports various Christian missions and missionaries around the world. Click on the links below to see how these brave men and women of God are diligently working to spread the Gospel of the Grace of Jesus Christ to people who might otherwise never have had the chance to hear the Word of God.


AsiaChristian Missionaries in Asia and the Philippines:

Our group supports a number of pastors who have established various churches in the Philippines at great risk to themselves and their parishioners. Find out more by clicking the link above.


Two of the missionaries involved in this part of the world are Darryl Anderson (a U.S. citizen residing in Davao City) and Nestor Sejera (an indigenous pastor who speaks the Illongo dialect and ministers in areas of Muslim influence).

By HIS Grace Ministries is a full-time teaching ministry in Davao City, Philippines, which began on a part-time basis in 1992 as a part of the missions outreach program of the Bible Doctrine Church of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Mindanao Vision is the name given to this particular aspect of the outreach ministries of the Bible Doctrine Church by its Pastor/Teacher, Dr. James A. Brettell.

Our commitment is to make the teaching of sound Bible doctrine available throughout the island of Mindanao, Philippines, our one desire being that the saints may be equipped to bring honor and glory to God the Father, as they allow the indwelling Holy Spirit to transform them into the image of our Lord and Savior

A recent letter from Darryl Anderson of By HIS Grace Ministries:

What a magnificent month it has been!! Salamat sa Ginoo! (Thank the Lord!)

We shut down the 5-day, Monday through Friday Sound Doctrinal Studies Spiritual Growth Principles classroom training on April 4 to spend the next two weeks in final preparation for the 3rd Annual Mindanao Vision Family/Youth Camp. We will resume that class on October 23rd, 2006.

On April 10th a friend of Nita's, recently married to an American, came to visit us with her husband. Her immigrant visa had been approved so he had come over to take her back to the USA. Her home is in the mountains southwest of Davao City and they came into Davao to spend their last week with us. They left on the 17th.

On April 19th Brian Brettell arrived from Little Rock, having come to be a part of the upcoming family/youth camp. The next day, the 20th, Bill and Monette Sexton arrived from North Carolina, also coming to be a part of the upcoming family/youth camp.

The venue for the camp was two hours away from our house, so we began to transport supplies and materials to the camp on Saturday the 22nd. We all moved to the camp on the morning of the 23rd and registration began at 2:00 p.m. that day. We were expecting a possible 200 people this year and our final count was 53 teens, 18 youth (8 to 12), 8 nursery (4 to 7), 60 adults and 31 staff, totaling 170. It was a truly magnificent camp, and everyone went away talking of plans to be at the camp next year. Brian, Bill and Monette were major assets to the camp this year. All three had a fantastic impact on the teens and everyone else who had time with them during the five days of camp. We are looking forward to their participation in future camps and possibly other areas of ministry on Mindanao and other islands.

We took Bill and Monette to the airport on the 28th and the rest of us returned home where we unpacked, washed clothes and repacked to leave again on the 30th for Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat. Brian went with us as I had been invited to conduct a three day leadership camp in a place called Villamor located near Esperanza. There were 24 young people in attendance there ranging in age from 14 to 24. Joe and Norma Salvador had organized this camp for the young people they had been working with in their area as they minister to that part of Mindanao. They too are already making plans for our next visit down there to teach again.

We now have a few days rest before Brian leaves on the 10th to return to the USA. On the 11th Nita and I will fly to Manila to meet a team of missionaries coming from the Doctrinal Studies Bible Church in Birmingham, Alabama. We will meet them when they arrive on Thursday evening and all of us will then ride together to Baguio City, about a six hour drive. Their first of two youth camps, which they are coming to be a part of, will begin on Monday the 15th. Nita and I will participate with them in the first camp, but then we need to return home on the 19th to make preparations for the 21st Sound Doctrinal Studies Continuing Education quarterly seminar which begins on the 22nd and will end on the 26th. Please be in prayer with us for the heart preparation of those who will attend these camps. For those who may be interested in participating financially in meeting the need for the 21st SDSCE seminar click here for information regarding provision.

On May 30th Nita and I will board the plane to come to the USA for a 60 day vacation. We look forward to seeing many of you face to face sometime in that two month period.

May God be free to continually bless you as you continue to be a part of what the Lord is doing here in Mindanao.

Resting in Him behind enemy lines,
Darryl and Nita

163 Mariveles St. Central Park I
Bangkal, Davao City 8000 Philippines
Phone: 63-82-297-6161
Cell: 639189223667

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