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Supported Christian Missions

Missions and Missionaries World-Wide

The Church of the Servant King supports various Christian missions and missionaries around the world. Click on the links below to see how these brave men and women of God are diligently working to spread the Gospel of the Grace of Jesus Christ to people who might otherwise never have had the chance to hear the Word of God.


Christian Missions Africa: Village Ministries International

The Church of the Servant King supports Village Ministries Internation based in Nigeria, Africa but with missionaries on four continents. Village Ministries International began when an electrician in Nigeria bought a tape on the black market for the purpose of recording music. Being curious, he listened to that tape before recording over it, was ultimately saved, became a missionary to his people, sought contact with the speaker on the tape, and then became the first representative of a new missionary organization called Africa Village Missions.

Fifteen years later, our organization has gone through a name change and has grown from supporting the ministry of one man from the jungle in Nigeria to supporting representatives on five different continents.

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