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Supported Christian Missions
Missions and Missionaries World-Wide

The Church of the Servant King supports various Christian missions and missionaries around the world. Click on the links below to see how these brave men and women of God are diligently working to spread the Gospel of the Grace of Jesus Christ to people who might otherwise never have had the chance to hear the Word of God.


South AmericaChristian Missionaries South America:

David and Denise Love have been missionaries in Bogota, Columbia for the past decade. Learn more about their struggles and successes by clicking the link above.

Bogotá, Columbia

David and Denise Love and their children -  Missionaries in Bogotá, Columbia.  Columbia is an extremely dangerous place where Communist guerillas are committing acts of terrorism very frequently and are battling the government for control.  

In the midst of this chaos, David and Denise minister daily to the Columbian people.  In addition to training pastors, David and Denise provide encouragement and counseling to young believers who are struggling with various forms of "religious" baggage that has been carried into their Christian lives from their heritage and culture. 


A recent letter from David and Denise:


Dear Ones, 
Welcome to Leticia, Colombia, a thriving town in the middle of the
Amazon jungle.
Since 1996 Dave has taken 2-3 trips a year to the Colombian jungle
region to build contacts with local leadership and spread the vision
of the missionary call to every tribe and nation. 
Part of God's amazing plan over the past decade was meeting pastor
Ramon in 1998 and beginning the long process of discipling and 
equipping him. One message Dave struggled to pass on to Ramon
in those years of teaching was the missionary challenge Christ left
to His disciples. How do you teach the "go ye" concept from a
Last year God planted the idea in Dave's heart to invite Ramon to
join him on a missionary trip to see for himself the un-reached
people groups inside his own country. 
David soon learned that some of the best mentoring moments take
place outside the classroom in common life settings that tend to
stretch us, define our character and put boots on our Christian faith.
The photos below are compiled from that special mission's trip that
took place December '07. 
Once his mentor and teacher, now Dave and Ramon are coworkers for
Christ.  Come with us as we watch God plant His vision for the lost in
the heart of another servant of God
Time to load up the boat. Ramon quickly joined in the work and
even shared the role of photographer as well.
Along the way they passed a Colombian military patrol. It is usually
easy to tell the real soldiers as they wear leather boots. The guerrillas
always garnish rubber boots. Ramon never showed any signs of
nervousness or fear even though the trip came with its typical
Common views along the river. Boats coming and going delivering
many tourist to the region who are anxiously hoping to spot exotic
birds and wild life as well as visiting the tribal communities.    
One of the nicer bathroom stops along the river that also keeps
a semi tamed ocelot. "Nice kitty, kitty?!"
Always one to to work on his animal handling skills, Dave later was
surprised when this "friendly" cat decided to taste his forearm!
Back on the river the team heads upstream to a tribal community.
A Ticuna fisherman traveling by dug-out canoe.
Unexpected delays are common on the river. Our expert guide and
friend Luís and his Brazilian helper work to restart the Yamaha
outboard motor after they tore it completely apart to carefully
extract a plastic bag caught in the motor! 
We are now ready to minister at our first stop.   
David watched with a full heart as Ramon visited the tribal children
for the first time.  Ramon was deeply moved witnessing the rugged
conditions around him. He told David later that it reminded him of
the first burden God gave him over 15 years ago when he came to
Christ. Ramon dreamed of starting a ministry among the street children
of Bogotá . Today his church has a thriving ministry with six youth clubs 
across the city working with many needy children.  Now would another
burden be ignited in his heart?    
After several Bible stories the children begged to play games.    
"OK everyone, we will have two teams. Whoever wants to be on
my side, line up here!"
"Alright kids, let's go beat Pastor Ramon and his team!" 
Everyone is focused and pays close attention to the directions.
Ramon and Dave love to tease and tell jokes with the children.
Young people are the same all over the world and love to have
fun even in the hot muddy jungle. This past June we delivered
soccer balls and other sports items to this community tucked in
the rainforest near Brazil
"Go! Go! Go!" 
Afterwards Dave and Ramon passed out clothing, toys, candy and
and their last Bibles! 
José shows special interest and receives his first Bible!
That is not a stuffed animal the little girl is holding, it's a sloth!
Time to say, "adios" to many new friends.
Debriefing and enjoying a quieter and cooler moment out of the
intense heat. David and Ramon stop for a break on the way back
down river. The vision of tribal evangelism was carefully and
successfully communicated. It was now in the Lord's hands to  
water and increase the burden. 
By the end of the four day trip God had answered prayer as the 
vision quickly ignited in the heart of Pastor Ramon. He saw the
need, heard the call, and his church would respond.  A fact finding
trip and survey was already being planned for June '08.  (The update
is forthcoming.) 
Sometimes photos are symbolic.  We can show and tell the story
but only God can make a Timothy and fishers of men
Back in Leticia after another long hot day. Mission accomplished! 
The vision has been planted and caught! Praise the Lord!
It is fully evident that your prayers and partnership has made this
all possible.
For His glory,
    "In everything I showed you that by working hard
     in this manner you must help the weak and remember
     the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, 'it
     is more blessed to give than to receive.'"
                                                             ~ Acts 20.35 

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