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Special Studies - The Reason for Man's Creation


Appeal Trial of SatanThe Appeal Trial of Satan (7 Part Series)
Why did God create man? What is the purpose of human history? How can God allow evil and suffering? What relationship is there between events of eternity past and human history? This series provides answers to those questions and more. The moral fall of Satan in eternity past resulted in ramifications that affect us today.

Why are angels interested in the outcome of human history? Why would human history be such a focal point of attention and activity from such a superior creature as the angels? Why was a human, a lower creature, created after angels anyway?

What Is Meant By A Biblical Philosophy of Human History?

Believers and unbelievers throughout the course of time have asked some of the same questions. Where did we come from? Why are we here? And where are we going? Numerous attempts have been made to answer these questions and reconcile the answers to the questions.

We call each of these attempts to address these questions in a harmonious manner a philosophy. Evolution is a philosophy of history that provides the underpinnings for other derivative philosophies of history and life, e.g. humanism. Covenant theology represents one biblical philosophy of history. Dispensationalism is yet another biblically based philosophy of history. Yet, these philosophies of history (in and of themselves and as most commonly understood) do not satisfactorily address the aforementioned questions. Something is still missing even in most of the biblically based philosophies of history Ė something that connects the dots and provides a cohesive and synthesizing effect.

The Appeal Trial of Satan Ė The Reason for Manís Creation

Scripture does not provide us a specific reason for Godís creation of the first creature nor
of the universe.3 However, we know that all things were created for Godís glory (Psa 19:1; Rom

Read more in this seven part study:

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: The "Gap Theory" and Satan's Fall
Part 3: Satan's Dominion over the Earth and Counterfiet System of Governance
Part 3A: Questions and Objections to this Teaching
Part 4: Satan's Strategy for his Dominion
Addendum 1: Common Questions and Objections
Addendum 2: Common Questions and Objections (continued)

Satan's History Map

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