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Special Studies


World trade Center Attacks 911Terrorist Attack on the US
This is a special study that was conducted on September 16, 2001 that interprets the September 11 attacks in the light of a Biblical philosophy of human history. It offers the Christian believer an objective, Biblical view of this tragedy.

Old Testament BelieverHow Were People Saved Before the Cross
If we as believers are saved as a result of Jesus Christ's death on the cross and resurrection, just how were people in the Old Testament saved? Notes are from the Sunday session in Hot Springs over Labor Day, 2003.

Why Pray?The Importance of Prayer
If the divine decree from eternity past insures the certain futurition of all that God has purposed, then why should the believer pray?"

Christian ServiceChristian Service: Stepping Into the Fray
This message was delivered on November 14, 2004 at Arlington Community Church and is based upon 2 Corinthians 6:1-10. Believers who involve themselves in ministry to others need to insure that the source of their power is from the Holy Spirit's ministry in their lives and not human energy. Stepping into the Fray (PPT)

The Parables of Jesus and prophecyThe Parables of Jesus and Prophecy
This series was taught at the 2005 Arkansas Winter Family Retreat and provides an interpretive grid by which Jesus' parables should be analyzed in order to understand the prophetic and eschatological significance that is the key to a proper understanding of these sometimes elusive passages. Prophecy in the Parables (PPT)

Appeal Trial of SatanThe Appeal Trial of Satan (8 Part Series)
Why did God create man? What is the purpose of human history? How can God allow evil and suffering? What relationship is there between events of eternity past and human history? This series provides answers to those questions and more. The moral fall of Satan in eternity past resulted in ramifications that affect us today.


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