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Archived Bible Study Guides

Free Bible Study Guides and Lessons and MP3 Audio Downloads

The Church of the Servant King, offers free on-line Bible Study guides and lessons of our previous studies along with MP3 audio downloads of our most recent study sessions. All downloads are free of charge, and we welcome questions and requests for further explanations related to any of the topics.

Soteriology Series: What does it take to be "Saved" or to gain the free grace Salvation promised to believers? Can Salvation ever be lost? Do we have a choice? What exactly is "predestination" and "election" and how do these concepts fit with the concept of personal free-will? What happens if I haven't lived the best life? These and other questions are answered in this series.

Eternal Security & Frequently Misunderstood Passages in the Bible

This series analyzes passages in the New Testament that are frequently quoted by people who believe that a Christian Believer can lose his/her salvation. Issues such as Predestination and Election, What is the Gospel, and What Christ Accomplished in His Death are reviewed within this series.

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