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Archived Bible Study Guides

Free Bible Study Guides and Lessons and MP3 Audio Downloads

The Church of the Servant King, offers free on-line Bible Study guides and lessons of our previous studies along with MP3 audio downloads of our most recent study sessions. All downloads are free of charge, and we welcome questions and requests for further explanations related to any of the topics. If you are a new believer or if you are wondering how to become a believer, we suggest that you begin with our study of the book of John below followed by our Soteriology Series.

Survey of the Bible Series: In this series, we take an in-depth look at each book of the Bible in order to better understand the purpose and meaning of the Scripture.

Soteriology Series: What does it take to be "Saved" or to appropriate the free gift of eternal life promised to those who believe in Jesus? Do we really have a choice or is everything predetermined? What exactly is "predestination" and "election" and how do these concepts fit with the concept of personal free-will? What happens if I haven't lived the best life? Can Salvation ever be lost? These and other questions are answered in this series.

Spiritual Life of the Believer: How exactly is a "good Christian" supposed to act? Are we required to study the Word of God or pray? This study covers a number of aspects of how to live a Christian life including what God expects from believers and how a believer can best yield to the ministry of the Holy Spirit in his or her life.

Prophecy Series: This series covers prophesies from the Bible that have already been fulfilled as well as prophesies that remain to be fulfilled in the future! Discover how prophets in the Old Testament fore-told of events hundreds or even thousands of years prior to their occurrence. Study how the Bible tells us that human history will end.

Spiritual Dynamics Series: What happens when a believer gets "filled with the Holy Spirit?" Does what happens to believers today differ than that of what has happened to believers in times past? This study shows why spiritual gifts occurred in the Old Testament and Gospels and what gifts we as believers today have been given.

Special Studies: From time to time, the Church of the Servant King conducts special studies that are either based on current events or created for groups that Steve Ellis has been asked to speak to. Make sure and catch the special studies on 911 and terrorism in America and The Appeal Trial of Satan.

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